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Technology in Property Claims Handling

August 30, 2022 General

Over the last twenty years, technology has dramatically changed the property claims industry. The days of using disposable cameras to photograph property damage are long gone. As consumers have become more tech savvy, the insurance industry has become more reliant on technology to assist with claims handling. This presents some benefits to policyholders, but it also presents challenges as well.

Unfortunately, insurance companies rely too heavily on technology and not real world experience to provide estimates to rebuilding properties, replace personal belongings, and calculate loss of business income. 

What Types of New Technology Are Being Used by Public Adjusters?

There are a variety of technologies that Berman Adjusters employs to accurately value your property damage and to assist with getting your claim settled quickly. Additionally, we use live video conferencing to meet with clients and view damage to their property. We are always looking to use new technology to improve our ability to efficiently handle property claims for our clients.

3D Virtual Property Tours

Systems like Matterport 3D allow public adjusters to conduct three-dimensional virtual tours for our clients. Also, these 3D maps show damage in great detail to claims managers who will never step foot on the property to see the damage. We have used this technology to show clients overseas exactly what their property looks like without leaving the comfort of their home.


For certain claims, we use drones to show the insurance company the full extent of damaged areas that are difficult to access. Specifically, the birdseye view provided by drones can be critical in showing areas (e.g. roofs) that the insurance company cannot see with their own eyes. 

Specialized Construction Software

Many insurance companies use proprietary industry-driven specialty software to streamline the entire claims process. However, the software is only as good as the user that is controlling the software. Public adjusters have licensed contractors who use this software to create realistic building estimates. Too often, insurance companies have public adjusters who have not built properties themselves manipulating the software  

Berman Adjusters Inc. Uses the Latest Technology to Help You Get Your Your Maximum Claim Payout As Quickly as Possible

Berman Adjusters is at the forefront of new and useful technology. We are committed to bringing our clients the very best services and the latest technology so that your claim can be processed as accurately as possible and deliver results as quickly as possible.

Rest assured that our only priority is to provide you with the best customer service possible and we will continue to invest our resources into useful and proven technology. If you have an insurance claim, then please contact us at or call us at (617) 964-0000.

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